Book review: Rejoice! Oxford Apologians prove that Jesus did NOT make an error!

Book Review: Christopher M. Hays, Brandon Gallaher, Julia S. Konstantinovsky, Richard J. Ounsworth, C. A. Strine, University of Oxford, When the Son of Man Didn’t Come: A Constructive Proposal on the Delay of the Parousia (Fortress, 2016)

The delay of the Parousia—the second coming of Christ—has vexed Christians since the final decades of the first century. This volume offers a critical, constructive, and interdisciplinary solution to that dilemma. The argument is grounded in Christian tradition while remaining fully engaged with the critical insights and methodological approaches of twenty-first-century scholars. The authors argue that the deferral of Christ’s prophesied return follows logically from the conditional nature of ancient predictive prophecy: Jesus has not come again because God’s people have not yet responded sufficiently to Christ’s call for holy and godly action. God, in patient mercy, remains committed to cooperating with humans to bring about the consummation of history with Jesus’ return.

Collaboratively written by an interdisciplinary and ecumenical team of scholars, the argument draws on expertise in biblical studies, systematics, and historical theology to fuse critical biblical exegesis with a powerful theological paradigm that generates an apophatic and constructive Christian eschatology. The authors, however, have done more than tackle a daunting theological problem: as the group traverses issues from higher criticism through doctrine and into liturgy and ethics, they present an innovative approach for how to do Christian theology in the twenty-first-century academy.

For thousands of years, godly believers have shown how the Bible prophecies are all true. To take but one example, King David could not possibly have invented the prophecies about Our Lord’s unique suffering centuries before he was even born! Despite their obviously precise accuracy, the liberal so-called Bible “scholars” have always tried to disprove the Word of God. The most notorious heretic was Alfred Schweitzer who argued that Our Lord was really just a crazy guy who said the end of the world was at hand and the so-called Bible “scholars” have danced to Satan’s tune thinking it is “cool” to claim Jesus got it wrong.

Fortunately a team of real scholars at the University of Oxford have produced real evidence (the Bible, historic biblical orthodoxy) showing how apologetics once again leads the way in real scholarship. Fortress are to be commended for promoting apologetics which ranks with the trailblazing Bible research of The Gospel Coalition, Denny Burk, the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Robert Gagnon, Jared C. Wilson, John Piper, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Oxford apologians show that Jesus was 100% right and that modern Enlightenment presuppositions are 100% wrong. As these scholars from the University of Oxford surely prove beyond any doubt, Jesus historically threatened the ungodly of his day with imminent hellfire if they did not repent. Obviously the levels of ungodliness were so high up and far in that Jesus and God and probably the Holy Ghost, in the infinite grace of their oneness, decided to wait about 2000 years to allow enough time for it all to work itself out. Such dire warnings, with the understanding that nothing bad will really happen if they are ignored, were completely normal in those days. Those people around when Our Lord walked the earth and who ignored his dire warnings with the understanding that nothing bad will really happen, were not clever. And yet, like the liberal so-called Bible “scholars”, they no doubt thought they were. No, they were hardened of heart. Either that, or just enough people repented to avert imminent disaster (including the disaster of Christ making a mistake) which means that it’s all OK too.

What I also take from this book from the University of Oxford theologians is that surely the time for the Lord’s return is now imminent! But, if we read the Bible prophecies carefully, this time it is really imminent! Repent, for the kingdom really, really is at hand! Strip me of my clothes, O Lord, and meet me in the sky with thy holy trumpet!


Higher up and further in (the positive way),

Pastor Randy Hawk


Top Five Hard Complementarian Articles of 2012

Following the brilliant The Gospel Coalition, I’m going to give my Top Five Hard Complementarian Articles of 2012. Without further ado:

5. The Wife of Tim Keller:

Review of Rachel Held Evans, A Year of Biblical Womanhood

What was especially important about this article was that it was by a lady hard complementarian who tells feminist Christians that men should take on all the main roles in the church. I’d have said it myself but you know what they’re like!

It has been cleared by the National Association of Hard Complementarians that lady Christians can write book reviews. While they do not meet the criteria discernible from the Scriptures for doctrinal matters, they can be regarded as “useful writings” and even quoted if restricted for purposes of general edification. Therefore we may quote The Wife of Tim Keller: “a godly woman’s husband has honor and a good name in society.”


4. Denny Burke:

My Review of Mark Driscoll’s “Real Marriage”

Denny reviews ‘Mark Driscoll’s “Real Marriage’, which he rightly excludes the name of the co-author, The Wife of Pastor Driscoll. What was a real lifesaver for me was this question on sodomy in the martial bed which I read just in time (thanks Denny!): “What about a husband for whom such an activity might stir up homosexual desires that he has never experienced before engaging in this activity with his wife?” He later clarified his position: “I was trying to raise the possibility that it might also arouse unbiblical passions in men who have no past background.” Phew!


3. Rebecca Merriman:

“Rihanna and Chris Brown: Their Road to Reunion”

Celebrity hard complementarian couple, Chris Brown and Rihanna, have been viciously criticised by the liberal media after Chris disciplined her. Some were angry because Chris had to pick up trash from a highway as punishment. And they were right – but not in the way they think. Chris shouldn’t have been disciplined by secularism and Rihanna had no right using secularism to condemn Chris – she should have gone to her local pastor if she felt Chris was acting beyond his remit. And it was Chris – or rather God – who gave this story a happy ending: “I am seeking the counselling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God’s help, to emerging a better person.”


2. Pastor Randy Hawk

“Could John Piper’s Advice on Wife Abuse Lead to Soft Complementarianism? Perhaps.”

While I wouldn’t ordinarily dare challenge one of the greatest hard complementarians of our times, I was deeply worried Brother John was going to stop physical disciplining of the wife, by the husband, in a martial relationship.


1. Jared C. Wilson (The Gospel Coalition):

“The Polluted Waters of 50 Shades of Grey, Etc.” (link removed)

This terrific post included the much neglected words of Pastor Douglas Wilson’s on martial sex: “A man penetrates, conquers, colonizes, plants. A woman receives, surrenders, accepts”. Sadly the link has, mysteriously, disappeared. Some egalitarians, feminists, soft complementarians and wo/manist critics like Michael Bird had some issues with this plain-meaning-of-scripture-language to which Denny Burk rightly countered: “Your “link between sex, language, and power” concedes too much to the feminist metanarrative. “Power” is a watchword for feminism, which is a worldview that is rooted in deconstructing inequities of “power.” For feminists and egalitarians, all gender hierarchies are inherently evil…It will always amount to the oppression and abuse of women, whether or not it has anything to do with sex. This is a worldview that is incompatible with a Biblical worldview. I think you concede too much to that point of view.”