I am Pastor Randy Hawk of Chisolm Creek Hard Complementarian Baptist Church in Wichita, KS and President of the National Association of Hard Complementarians. This blog serves to affirm the biblical doctrine of the headship of Man over Women, in accordance with Creation and the Scriptures. We believe that Complementarianism is a Gospel issue. Accordingly, all Christian men are warmly welcome to join the National Association and married women are welcome to join with their husbands as associate members.

“The arguments used in support of the ordination of women require the dismissal or ‘reinterpretation’ of specific biblical texts which disallow women in the teaching office. The same is true of arguments for the ordination of divorced persons–and for homosexuals.”
– Albert Mohler

Email: randyhawkhardcomplementarian@yahoo.com

N.b. the National Association of Hard Complementarians is unaffiliated to the American League of Soft Complementarians and strongly disagrees with their stance on Scripture.


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