Is Andrew Wilson a Hard Complementarian, a Soft Complementarian or a Feminist? It’s Time for an Answer

Typical of the liberal-humanist media, Elder Andrew Wilson and Alastair Roberts (both from England and both alpha males) have been persecuted for simply pointing out that feminists do not understand true biblical equality, that ladies should not be in the military, and that women should not be CEOs:

The entrance of women into new spheres has often led to a weakening of the social power of those spheres, as women are often more vulnerable and easily exploited and less agentic and assertive in their typical modes of behaviour than men. As these social spheres and institutions were typically not designed merely for the empowerment of those within them, but for serving some broader social end and empowering society more generally, the loss of this power is a serious concern: the power structures of a social institution are weakened merely in order to include more women in its upper echelons.

They rightly argued that “many women would be much better served by robust and accessible universal healthcare” which is exactly what the church provided before the onslaught of tax-funded, Big Government, Obamacare. What is joyous to behold is that Elder Andrew may be bearing the fruits of repentance because only a year ago he talked about the “equality of men and women” without scare quotes. Not only does he now use scare quotes, he properly sees so-called secular “equality” between men and women as “an empty concept”.

So far, so hard complementarian. And there is more hard complementarianism–even in Elder Andrew’s feminist phase!

Essentialist feminism, which denies any essential differences between men and women other than the reproductive organs they have, does enormous although subtle damage to men, women and children. Marital feminism, which opposes any distinction in the parts played by a husband and a wife in marriage, is counterintuitive, ethnocentric and (more importantly) unbiblical, and often emasculates men and exasperates women.

Could. Not. Agree. More. So-called metrosexual Biblical Egalitarians, and even some soft complementarians (or so I’ve heard), sometimes share the cooking, change diapers, permit their wives employment, allow their wives to worship with uncovered heads, and they even carry effeminate manbags. This does not happen in Africa and is therefore ethnocentric. Tell me, who are the real racists now? My wife has, guided by His grace, chosen to do the feminine tasks and to submit to her loving husband. Tell me, who are the real sexists now?

Elder Andrew, an internationally respected authority on feminism, has also shown more of its flaws from a Bible perspective:

Anti-biblical feminism, whereby the scriptures are seen as chauvinistic and consequently stripped of their moral authority over our lives when it comes to sex and gender, simply expresses the age-old problem of rebellion against God’s rule, which goes right back to the garden, in a modern costume.

Absolutely! Ellen DeGeneres, Susan Sarandon, Brangalina, Jane Fonda, Hillary, and the rest of that lot are modern day Eves. Wake up America! Elder Andrew has some more sharp words for these hipster lesbo-feminists.

And then there’s the increasingly common and somewhat odious too-cool-for-school feminism, which works hard to present itself as hip and ironic in contrast to the prissy habitus of classical (let alone biblical) femininity, and then directs pointed snark at various scriptural passages, labels those who still live by them as sexist, and actively seeks to marginalise, scandalise and patronise both the men and the women who attempt to live out what we might call biblical sex roles (as, we might remember, well over 90% of Christians in history have).

Preach it Elder Andrew! What is wonderful about the Bible is that it is anti-Big Government and so when the intolerant liberal Post-Modernists get snarky they misinterpretate the point. I have the free choice to sell my daughter into slavery but I do not have to (Exodus 21:7-11). As I have exegeted previously, wives submit to their husbands (Ephesians 5:22-24), as the church submits to Christ, employee to employer, and a slave to their master (Ephesians 6:5; 1 Peter 2:18). This is all about a love, care and protection for the lady–and, as Elder Andrew shows, for society. When I ask my wife about my sermons, she freely admits that she appreciates the Holy Word more because she keeps her mouth firmly shut (1 Corinthians 14:34) and tries her best to listen.

Yet what worries me about Elder Andrew is that a year ago, in his pre-scare quote days, he talked about “vital, bold, heroic feminism, that takes the full equality of women with men and applies it to marriages, workplaces, churches and societies where men abuse women”. Is this feminism in the Hillary sense or femininsm in the hard complementarian sense (e.g. looking after your wife and protecting her from the workplace)? I think Elder Andrew’s latest offering shows that his hard complementarianism is stiffening.

But I am still puzzled.

Last year, Elder Andrew claimed that he heard that “84% of women in one African country said privately that they had been physically beaten by their husbands”. The question is, what does Elder Andrew think about this in terms of the bigger picture? Elder Andrew claimed that “Marital feminism, which opposes any distinction in the parts played by a husband and a wife in marriage, is…ethnocentric”. Is it ethnocentric to criticize the behavior of African men, including Bible-believing ones? I thought Africa was how we defended our arguments now! After all, the Whole of Africa and most of the Globe believe in miracles (unlike liberal America and intolerant Europe) and so biblical miracles really happened too. If we start thinking as Elder Andrew did, does this not mean preaching the resurrection is in vain (1 Corinthians 15.12-19)? It might even give the non-believer the impression that we are just using Africa and ethnocentricism tokenistically to support our arguments when they seem intolerant or weird!


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