Is God Unequal to Men and Women? Yes, and for the Great Benefit of Womenfolk

The scriptures clearly testify that woman was created to serve man, and man was created to love and cherish woman. Those who deny these truths ignore the clear witness of the Bible to this effect (e.g. 1 Corinthians 11:3; Ephesians 5:25), and so have no excuse. The Word of God is straightforward and true, unlike the convoluted attempts made by soft complementarians and the shrill voices of egalito-feminists which attempt to avoid the plain meaning of Scripture.

Nevertheless, there is a claim we often hear from soft complementarians and egalitario-feminists, who are more willing to listen to their own voices than hear the prompting of the Holy Spirit, is that these unbiblical positions are more “fair” towards ladies. This was the claim recently by Dirk Byrd who as many of you will know introduced division into the body of Christ this year by setting up his rival American League of Soft Complementarians. Although I find his exact point a bit unclear and confusing, involving some longwinded analogy about tennis, he does seem to be making the claim that the softening of God’s Word results in greater fairness towards womenfolk.

But is this really so?

To the contrary, it is only the uncompromising hard complementarian position, in obedience to ALL the scriptures, which can provide the full benefits God intended for women.

Let us read from Paul’s first epistle to Timothy, chapter 2 verse 15:

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

Here we see that God, in his infinite wisdom, has offered women a special means of salvation, to rescue them from the “even more” original sin of Eve (even more original than Adam, who as Genesis chapter 3 shows, sinned only after Eve had first sinned). But wait! Men cannot be saved by childbearing, can they? Well, anything is possible these days, given the perversions we see on the news each day, but in the time of Paul, when men were really men and not Thai lady-boys or some such abomination, that was the case. So in 1 Timothy 2:15, God is offering a means of salvation to women that he does not offer to men, if they fulfill their matrimonial role and function as the passive conduits of new life. I suppose the politically correct crowd would cry, “Wait! But that’s unfair. We’re all the same!” But God, taking into account the inherent weakness of the daughters of Eve, has provided a special means for them to be saved. If this is “unfair” (which is a worldly way of describing it), it is surely “unfair” in favor of women! Where are the protesting hairy-legged egalito-feminists, now? Suddenly they’ve all gone quiet!

So, yes – God does treat us differently, even in the most important matter of our eternal salvation. But it simply a fallacy to equate different treatment with unfair treatment.

Of course, although 1 Timothy 2:15 tells us that women may be saved in childbearing, we need to read what follows: “… if they continue in faith …”. And faith comes only by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart, which is the same if you are a man or a woman. But what Paul is telling us today is that those women who resist their God-given passive role of childbearing will also resist accepting Jesus into their hearts. They prefer giving their souls to the Devil over giving their bodies to their husband for his possession.

So the next time you hear some egalitario-feminist complain that the hard complementarian position is “unfair to women” you tell them back: “No! Hard complementarians believe in inequality; but only feminists believe in unfairness“.

– Pastor Randy Hawk


4 thoughts on “Is God Unequal to Men and Women? Yes, and for the Great Benefit of Womenfolk

  1. Pastor,

    That’s all well and good but my Bible professor taught me that the Ancient Mediterranean Woman didn’t shave her legs. Does that a) make them feminists and b) prevent them from being suitable marriage material?

    In Him,


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