Beware the heretical views of Michael F. Bird, Bible-Denier

I know that some of you are familiar with the books by Michael F. Bird. Although Michael was formerly a defender of biblical truth on the complementary roles of men and women, I wish to inform you that he has turned from the narrow path. DO NOT READ ANY BOOKS BY THIS LIBERAL BIBLICAL SCHOLAR!!!

bourgeois-babesMichael Bird has exchanged biblical truth for a lie, now parroting the arguments of the Lezzo-Feministos rather than submitting to the Word of God. Last year, I had heard rumors from my contacts that he had joined the soft complementarian camp. But his latest book, with a lascivious title which I will not repeat here, all too readily demonstrates how the path of sin is a slippery slope toward perdition.

I have not read Michael Bird’s latest book, and will not, but I know that it is based on a misinterpretation of key biblical passages which affirm the different roles and functions for men and women within God’s plan for humankind.


– Pastor Randy Hawk


UPDATE: I find myself in the strange position of agreeing with The Feminist Scholarship who also refuse to name the book title.


9 thoughts on “Beware the heretical views of Michael F. Bird, Bible-Denier

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  4. Nice Randy – make a bunch of unsubstantiated claims without having read the book. Didn’t know that ESP was a gift of the Spirit! The perspicuity of your argument is undoubtedly greater than the complexity of your thought.

  5. How can you have such a strong opinion on a book you have not read? For you to have an opinion worth blogging about you first need to read the book. Bird is most certainly not a liberal and most definitely not a heretic. You may disagree with him on a secondary matter such as women’s ordination, but his view does not make him a heretic (which is to say not a Christian) or a liberal (which is to say does not believe the Bible to be God’s inspired, authoritative, and infallible Word). The sort of blogging you have done here is a symptom of the wider problem in the evangelical world, people are quick to demonize and slow to take time to put in the effort of learning what someone actually believes and stands for.

  6. Randy,

    You might try salting your judgments with a little grace.
    People who set themselves up as self-proclaimed ‘gate-keepers’ of orthodoxy, probably shouldn’t heft rocks towards others when their own positions are as brittle as glass 😉


  7. Very strange: you say that you won’t repeat the title of the book in the blog post…but that lines sits right next to a picture of the book, with the title emblazoned on the front.

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